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Samuel León XI


Viña del Mar – ​Chile.

+56​​9 8288 5584

Español nativo | Portugués avanzado | Italiano medio | Ingles medio

For more than 25 years I have dedicated myself full time to creative tasks mainly related to the cinematographic world. I have been linked especially with projects of great complexity to be materialized; with an emphasis on hard historical research. In 25 years I have been an assistant to almost everything in cinematography and even today I participate as a producer and as an assistant for special projects. That means that I am inclined to accept only projects that move me and pose notable challenges in their realization.

I have been a speaker on the themes of the Film Commission and the Creative Economy, as well as a consultant and evaluator of projects for audiovisual meetings and development workshops. Also member of the jury in some film festivals.

Since 2013 I have been a member of the directory of the discipline of dedicated to the rescue and enhancement of the enormous historical heritage legacy of the city of Valparaíso.

Since 2018 I have been the presidency of with the task of cinematographically industrialize the Valparaíso region. He currently develops transmedia products and operates as a creative director, producer and film director.

I was lucky to be born with fingers for the piano. I wanted to be a footballer and I found my football in filmmaking. For the current project I hope to operate as a kind of showrunner or Executive producer.

Professional experience


2010 | Script, Production and Direction of Documentary Feature Film RIQUELME (Chile). For this work he received the Altazor award nomination for best director; available at:

2007 | Special production and directing assistance for the feature film LINHA DE PASSE; by Walter Salles and Daniel Thomas.

2006 | Fiction feature casting PRETENDIENDO by Claudio Dabed (Chile).

2005 | Casting fiction feature film MUJERES INFIELES by Rodrigo Ortúzar (Chile).

2004 | Production design feature documentary OJO CHANGO by Rodrigo Terreros (Chile).

2002-2003 | Producer and assistant director for the feature film “DIARIOS DE MOTOCICLETA” by Walter Salles.

2001 | Together with French photographer Phillipe Seclier he travels in the footsteps of Pier Paolo Pasolini along the Italian coast. The result is the capture for the documentary “LARGA CARRETERA DE ARENA”

2001 | Producer feature documentary WANDERERS VALPARAISO by Patricio Muñoz (Chile)

2000 | Location Manager and Fiction Feature Film Production EL LADRON Y SU MUJER by Rodrigo Sepúlveda (Chile)

1999 | Direction assistance Fiction TV series BRIGADA ESCORPIÓN de Joaquin Eyzaguirre, TVN (Chile)

1996 | He writes, produces and directs his first fiction short film “UNA FABULA SOUL”, Roos Film Award for best writing, best sound and best short film at the IV Santiago Short Film Festival and best short film at the III Valdivia Film Festival.

1996 | Direction and production Fiction short film MARY CHRISMAS (Honorable Mention II FICS short film festival)

1995 | He entered the Chilean film school and made his first feature film as General Assistant: “HISTORIAS DE FUTBOL” by Andrés Wood.


2002 | Participates in the founding of the new Film School of the University of Valparaíso

2003-2005 | 2008-2010 Full Professor Workshop Subject, Film School, University of Valparaíso.


2017 – 2019 | Head of the Corporate Image Department of the Municipality of Valparaíso, where it produced a complete modernization of the city image and the first municipal film commission in Chile was founded, which gave rise to the first filming and photography ordinance in Chile, considered the further modernization of the area in the territory.

2010 | Bioesférica Filmes Foundation

2006 | He returned to Valparaíso from Santiago after 11 years and founded the Valparaíso Films Corporation whose purpose is to develop the economy and the cinematographic field in the territory of the Valparaíso region, achieving the formation of the

I love cinematography deeply.